Life's Challenges

First, I'd like to apologize for being off the radar for the last ten days. Easter derailed me. Husband was home for a visit, family in town, and lots of cleaning and cooking was going on.

Life settled a bit after everyone left, but then Zach got sick. I must pause here and ask a rhetorical question, one I damn well know is a Murphy's Law thing, but still it begs being put out there . . . . WHY do babies always get sick when the pediatrician's office is closed for the weekend? As soon as his services were unavailable (and his mother was locked into double shifts at work), Zach's temperature soared to 104. Thinking it was only a virus, we took turns rocking him and feeding him Tylenol and Motrin through two days of 103-105 temperatures. Since we just had a round with a nasty virus not two weeks ago where we did the same thing, Zach has taken a distinct disliking to cherry flavors of anything and has started spitting them. Sticky, icky, pooh! By Saturday, we were well acquainted with plopping him in the bathtub to lower his temperature as his mother and I both refused to sit in the waiting room at the Emergency Room on a weekend. Temperature broke Sunday morning, but the ear tugging, rubbing, pulling began with accompanying crabbies. A trip to the doctor this morning confirmed our suspicions that his 'virus' was actually an ear infection with pus behind his ear drum and an eye infection. Antibiotics = sleeping, calmer baby on the mend. :-)

And once again, I must confess that my writing seriously derailed during those days. I noted in my work log this morning that I averaged between 150-300 words during those days he was sick, as I spent most of my time holding him or sleeping when he was sleeping. Quite frustrating when I'm so near the end of this story I'm chomping to write THE END. Since I intended to have this book finished more towards the end of February than the first part of April, I am not a happy woman to be around at the moment. I've unfortunately resolved to go with the flow, though, and if 300 words a day is all that gets put to paper, then so be it. It gets finished when it gets finished. Maybe not as professional as some, but grandson has to come first.

I did take the opportunity to put a book in my hand during those days, so all the sitting with Zach resulted in eight books being read and my to be read pile diminishing. That is always a good thing as it reminds me why I write and how much I love to read. Of those I read, I highly recommend Blood Brothers by Nora Roberts.

My best to all of you.

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