Thursday Thirteen - My Day

No Linkie this week, because I won't be able to visit very many of your blogs. Thanks for visiting mine, though, and be sure to leave me a message.

My Thursday Thirteen is a snippet of my daily life. My morning started early.

1. Zach woke up at 5:21 am and was ready to play. He'd gone to bed at 7:30 last night, so it was inevitable. Mom had a special party last night and got home at 4 am. Grannie hadn't gone to bed until 1 am, so neither of us was excited about getting up. I had sat up with Becca working on wedding plans, finalizing our choices for caterer and photographer and finding save the date invitations until late, late. Anne periodically will take pictures of Zach and I'll be in the background. I always wonder why I look so tired in these pictures. DUH!

2. I usually plunk Zach in his activity center and turn on the Disney channel. He'll be content for about 1.5 hours and I can sleep. His usual fair of Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Einsteins, then Handy Manny is exchanged for The Wiggles and Higglytown Heros. Have I mentioned how much I HATE The Wiggles. Zach loves them.
Put him back to bed at 7:45, sleepy and fussy. I settled back in bed for another snooze. Got the covers just right, the pillow propped under my head, sighed and closed my eyes. He slept 10 minutes.

3. Then I put him on the floor in his room so he could roll around and wiggle on his play mat and I started surfing the internet. Zach keeps taking off my slipper and rolling away with it.

4. While surfing, I tweaked my NCAA picks in the family fantasty tournament. Not that I'm planning on winning. Can NEVER beat my nephew.

5. Then I finally got up enough energy to go downstairs and make coffee - thank you very much, Starbucks - and filled my John Wayne mug to the brim. Gotta wake up somehow.

6. Zach started complaining when he saw my mug, so I ended up making another trip downstairs for Oatmeal and apples, a bib, and a spoon. Zach had breakfast and I drank my coffee.

7. Things I'm contemplating at the moment to continue my day: Unfortunately, the first one is to see if I can get the lawn mower running again and mow the lawn. Otherwise I'll be calling the lawn guy.

8. Basketball games start in a couple of hours. Televisions up and down will be on and tuned in.

9. Somewhere in there I plan to write 1000 words. Thought I was almost finished yesterday with only 2500 words left. Then the characters started talking to me and I added another chapter.

10. Somewhere in the back of my mind I'm planning Easter dinner for ten. I'm trying to decide whether I have the energy to go elaborate (homemade rolls, dessert etc.) or whether I want to go simple (grocery store). Can't decide.

11. Husband's coming home tomorrow, so sometime during the day it would be good for me to change the sheets and find his side of the bathroom, which tends to get buried with the curling iron, hair stuff, and piles of laundry.

12. At some point, I'll be leaving the house and making a run to pay the license tabs on the truck and go to Target. . . easter basket for grandson isn't bought yet.

13. Finally, it's definite. I'll need a nap. An hour would be good. I'll probably have to settle for . . ah, ten minutes.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend, everyone!

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