March Madness Baby!

I love March Madness!

It's actually silly really. I don't pay much attention during the regular college basketball season. I don't watch professional basketball at all. I usually stick to MLB and the NFL. But every March I anticipate watching the tournament, so much so that last week I thought I'd missed the selection show and was devastated! I love the first two rounds. Sixty four teams battling for a spot. Some games dull and predictable, and others knock your socks off. It's basketball overdosing at it's best.

My family for years has done a NCAA College Basketball pool. I conceded that my nephew and my brother consistently trade back and forth the winning bragging rights for most correct picks, but I don't care. I plunge in every year. I don't make my predictions based on knowledge, but on gut and emotion. That's probably why I never win, but it doesn't stop me.

This year I'm proud to announce that I have so many teams to root for, I'm not sure what I'll do if they meet in the middle. If you take every place we've lived or where we have friends and family, we end up with a whole lot of fun!

In the East: Boise State, Washington State, Oklahoma, South Alabama
In the Midwest: Gonzaga, USC, Kansas
In the South: Texas-Arlington, Texas, Oregon
In the West: UCLA, Texas A&M

March Madness, Baby! I love it!

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