Things To Do While Sick

Thanks to lots of sleep and down time, I'm happy to announce that I'm well - other than the leftover mother fricking cough. I have to say that there is much to be said for rolling up in a comfy quilt, sacking out on the sofa, and letting all the chores go. After all, being sick negates all the guilt about not working, not cleaning, not accomplishing 'things.' With the baby sick too, that put the icing on the lazy cake. It worked out nicely that my son was also on vacation from his job for the week I was sick. He decided to entertain himself by going to Best Buy and buying Season 10 of Stargate, Season 2 of Stargate Atlantis, and Season 1 of Heroes. Yes. This is what we did from waking to way past bedtime. We managed to watch Season 10 of Stargate in one day. Then we moved on to Heroes. I quit watching the show on television somewhere about chapter twelve, so I was happy to start over and catch up on this wonderful show.

If you haven't become a fan yet, I highly recommend begging, borrowing, buying, or stealing a copy and spend some quality time with this great program. You'll be glad you did.

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Kelly McCrady said...

Speaking of watching entire series on DVD...come see my TT this week!

Glad you're feeling better.