February Update

This month has been full of difficulties -- main one being that I managed to catch the flu, or the big bug, or the monster virus everyone is getting. Thought I had it smacked after a couple of days, but it came back around on me. The baby has it too, as do Jamie (who started the whole thing) and Becca. Anne's popping Vitamin C like breath mints, so hasn't caught it yet. John's been just plain lucky. I hate being sick, so it's somewhat of a challenge to my mental attitude. The downside to this virius is extreme fatigue. All I want to do is sleep and everything else is suffering. Housekeeping, errands, writing -- everything. I have fourteen scenes left to write to finish my book and it's sitting waiting for me to be able to focus long enough to get moving. Dr appointment is imminent as I refuse to let this drag over into more down time -- that and the congestion is sitting on my chest like an elephant.

No Thursday Thirteen this week, although I'm using enough over the counter medication that I'm sure there must be a thirteen in there somewhere! :-)

Husbands home tomorrow for the weekend and my birthday, so it would be nice if I woke up in the morning with significant improvement. Here's hoping!

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Tiffany Aller said...

I understand how you're feeling, completely...I'm in like week six or seven of being sick...I haven't had any appreciable amount of energy since Christmas. Every time I think I'm finally getting better, I get something else going wrong - like now, I'm coughing my head off. ARGH.

Hope you feel at least a little better while Don's here!