Thursday Thirteen - Things to do while holding a shot cranky baby

Because I promised last week, here's the list of things I did while holding Zach who had his 4 month shots last week.

Movie watching was first on the list:

1. We are Marshall - Matthew McConaughey, highly recommend this movie

2. Home of the Brave - Samuel L. Jackson, Jessica Biel, highly recommend this movie too

3. Sunshine - don't bother, predictable and cliche

4. Live Free or Die Hard - nice revisit to Die Hard and Bruce Willis - you can watch this with one eye

5. Walking Tall: Lone Justice - Anything with Kevin Sorbo catches my attention.

6. Read - Hers to Take, by Karen Anders, Harlequin Blaze B+

7. Started J.R. Ward's Dark Lover (downstairs book)

8. Started Sherrilyn Kenyon's Upon a Midnight Clear (upstairs book)

My son gave me a Nintendo DS for Christmas. Here's the games that I played while rocking baby.

9. Brainage I - 100 Math Calculations is a killer!

10. Brainage II - Hardest game - memorize 25 numbers that are placed randomly on a square in two minutes, then duplicate them in 2 minutes. Blek!

11. Mario - hours and hours eaten up here! LOL!

12. Deal or No Deal - I can't even win on the DS. What would happen on television?

And finally,

13. HGTV - of course, that just made me want to get up and clean, reorganize, and renovate.

So, now that baby's back to his normal self, I'm back to writing and the regular routine. What kind of things would you do in this situation?


pussreboots said...

I did a ton of reading when my daughter was new born. It was the only thing I could do one-handed. LOL. Happy TT.

Tiffany Aller said...

Undoubtedly, I'd just be reading my heart out. :-) Great list. Poor Zachie!

Kelly McCrady said...

Can't believe I haven't been here for a week...You did an astounding number of things while holding a baby. That time of KT's life is kinda a blur now, so I don't remember much beyond reruns of Quantum Leap.