Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - No Ideas

I know. I'm posting late. Sorry. Just couldn't get to it any faster today. Here's thirteen reasons why I'm posting late.

1. On a writing binge. So far at 2500 words and I'm not even in my usual work hours yet.

2. Teething baby.

3. Zach got a baseball hat and he looks so cute. I spent a bunch of time taking pictures!

4. Totally out of ideas for Thursday Thirteen. I think this is my last TT post for a while.

5. Went to lunch with Anne, John, Becca and Zach. Hot beef sandwich, fries, salad, and pumpkin pie. No dinner for me!

6. Husband had a car accident this morning and am waiting for details. Supposedly the front end of his car is DOA. No mention as to fault. Welcome to my world, love!

7. Fussed with my hair and makeup before lunch.

8. Drank three cups of coffee and ate two pieces of toast while contemplating what I could write about.

9. Watched Tigger and Pooh, Mickey's Clubhouse, and Handy Manny with Zach while contemplating what to write.

10. Decided to give up and write on my WIP. Did I mention my word count so far. Seven chapters in the bag! With two halfs written that belong in later chapters. I know. Wierd.

11. HGTV - Designer's Challenge, Design on a Dime, Divine Design, House Hunters, and Designed to Sell.

12. Taught Anne how to sing the ABC song from Choo Choo Soul on Disney Playhouse.

13. Doodling in the kitchen. One cake made and frosted.



annex3 said...

And I still couldnt sing it right. haha.

Kelly McCrady said...

I have that song going through my head now...I find myself putting those shows on while KT is at school LOL.

We rented "Unaccompanied Minors" at Christmas and I got all excited as one actor walked on the screen. As soon as he spoke, I turned to KT and said, "You know who that is? That's Handy Manny!"

I need some grown-up TV.