Thursday Thirteen - Pino

I have gone for the easy thirteen posts for the last couple of weeks, but today I wanted to do something a bit more artistic. A couple of years ago, my family went on vacation to Deer Valley in Utah, staying at the condominium of a family member near the Winter Olympic sites around Salt Lake City. During the days, we explored the downtown area and many of their tourist shops and art galleries. On one afternoon, I wandered into one particular gallery and was stopped dead by a 3 x 6 foot painting. Unfortunately darling, we really had no way to get it home, nowhere to hang it when we got it there, and the $10,000 price tag was a bit out of the vacation budget. I came home and researched the artist, though. His name is Pino and his paintings have since become some of my favorites. Vote for your favorite in my comments today.

Just a little background before I share my favorite thirteen of his paintings. Pino is an Italian artist who was born Giuseppe Dangelico and his paintings are known for their warmth, nostaligia, love and family. He trained in Italy and became well-known there, but then moved to the United States. Pino's early paintings featured soft romantic characters mostly women dressed in flowing skirts and dresses; and these caught the attention of both Dell and Zebra Book Publishers. In 1980 Zebra commissioned him to do his first book cover; his popularity grew within the literary community and he became the artist-in-demand for Zebra, Bantam, Simon, and Schuster, Harlequin, Penquin USA and Dell. To date, Pino has illustrated 3,000 books; his style has dominated the market.

You can visit his website at You won’t be sorry you did. Here’s my favorites from his many paintings, ranked from #13 to my #1 - my favorite painting, the one that stunned me in the doorway of that gallery.

13. Spring Flower

12. Fanciful Dreams

11. Joyful Memories

10. Party Dreams

9. Morning Breeze

8. First Glance

7. Affection

6. Early Morning

5. Contemplation

4. Homeward

3. Into the Night

2. Morning Dreams

1. Angelica


Kelly McCrady said...

He certainly knows how to celebrate the feminine. I love the mother/daughter ones. Of this list, my faves are: 5, 9, 10, and 11. "Morning Breeze" is more like "Morning After." She looks like she got tumbled and she isn't sure how she feels about that this morning...

Thanks for sharing--I'll have to look at his site and see if I recognize any book covers.

Patti Ann Colt said...

Since I had to limit myself to 13, I didn't show even half the mother/daughter ones, too.

Patti Ann Colt said...
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Carrie Lofty said...

I love "Morning Breeze" too. His stuff makes me want to go get prettied up and stand in flattering lighting :)

Tiffany Aller said...

I like #8 best! :-)