Fantastic Day for The Daddy Spell

"The Daddy Spell is what I call an innocent romance story. Patti Ann Colt was able to seamlessly blend the budding relationship and attraction between Robin and Chad with the innocence of Boo and Lindy. The story is well written and has a plot that although is simple and straight forward is still very much fun and exciting to read. Patti Ann Colt created wonderful characters that I could not help but love. The Applegate family is filled with unique characters that I enjoyed meeting and hope to meet again. There is only one sex scene in the story, which usually I would bemoan but the story was so well written that the sex scenes were not missed."
-Lisa, Fallen Angel Reviews, Five Angels

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Kelly McCrady said...

Yay, Patti! See? I told you this was a worthy book! Now get cracking on Jesse Factor and the others...after the sequel is finished, of course...LOL