Christmas and New Year's

Happy last weekend of 2007 everyone!

Christmas came and went again - like it's supposed to. I can truthfully say that this year I was happy with everything. First, I was able to finish cleaning my house and get it to the Better Homes and Gardens standard I always seem to expect of it for holidays, but seldom have the time to do. Of course the cleaning binge was powered by caffeine and no sleep, but was worth it. My Christmas shopping got finished a few days ahead of time and although it's my goal to some year be finished before Thanksgiving, the gifts were all wrapped and under the tree with none forgotten in their hiding places and no IOUs because I waited too long and couldn't find the right things.

I have to say my kids hit me right on with all my gifts. Son gave me a Nintendo DS with a Brainage game, then came home with Mario, too. My brain age is 80 - GAK! and Mario is fast becoming the obsession it used to be. Daughter gave me a haircut/color at an expensive salon. That present was pretty darn special and much appreciated as it straighted out a mess another stylist had made of my hair AND all my gray is gone! Hot diggity de dog! This is the best cut I've had in 20 years -- check the picture!

Other daughter bought me my favorite perfume, a pajama set from Victoria Secret, and expensive shampoo to maintain color in my hair. Husband bought me the best robe I've ever had - it's softer than a feather bed, I kid you not. Grandson loves to be rocked by Nannie when she's wearing that robe.

We had a wonderful lasagna dinner Christmas Eve and then went to church. My 3 month old grandson was a cutie for the 20 minutes pre-service we were sitting in the pew, then decided he hated where he was at and cried for the rest of the service causing Mommy and Nannie to trade off standing in the lobby with him. Still there is nothing like a sanctuary filled with lighted candles and singing Silent Night at the end. Even the baby quieted for that one.

We came home from church and broke tradition and opened all our presents (we're a Christmas morning family, but had complications this year that made that hard to do). Next morning we were off to other family members for brunch, then husband returned to Kansas for work the next morning, and we came home to a pile of blockbuster movies and the 1000 piece John Wayne puzzle I'd received also.

I've spent the last few days working on the family calendar -which is my pleasure and responsibility. Frankly, this should have been done two weeks ago, but there is only so many hours in a day. I spent yesterday reviewing 3000 slides of family picture history for just the right pics for the calendar and now must move on getting them printed and put together, gobbling up a few more days of my time, but well worth it to hear the oohs and ahhs.

I worked really hard for the last ten days to make everything wonderful, but my writing life suffered tremendously. Not one word was written, only half a review was completed, HOT KISS entry did not get out of my head, and so New Year's Eve will begin a writing marathon. Next year's goals are still in pieces on several bits of paper and have yet to be put against the litmus test - is this doable? I registered for a workshop from a fellow Kaizen member, Walking the Tightrope - hopefully it will help me in the next year manage baby duties, a writing career, a commute relationship with husband, and just life in general - and help me do a better job of all.

Happy New Year!

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Kelly McCrady said...

Nice 'Do, Patti! The robe sounds heavenly.

Prior to Christmas, I watch the spending with my heart in my throat, ready to strangle my spend-it husband every time he brings home another gift for someone we've already spent money we don't have upon. Post Christmas I always look at the bills for January and say, "So what. We'll manage." That's my hopeful outlook going into the new year. May be backwards, but it has served us so far LOL.