Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - All About Me

Both my brothers visited my blog this week and complained about my profile. Not only were there things on my list they had no idea I participated in, they didn't even know what a couple of them were. Since there just happened to be thirteen things listed, viola - my Thursday Thirteen this week.

1. Mrs. (since November 25, 1984)

2. Mom (since August 19, 1985, May 8, 1987, and October 10, 1988)


3. Grannie
Zach's feetsies

4. Army Wife
Then:(when Don joined the Army - December 11, 1987)

Now: (Military dinner - Christmas 2005)

5. Writer - shameless plug - Go visit my other blog - for your writing motivation pick me up for the day compliments of yours truly!

6. Author - Available Now!!

7. Kaizen - striving constantly to improve - it's a Japanese term. What does it have to do with me? Have you heard of Margie Lawson? No? Visit her website at Have you heard of her "Defeat Self-Defeating Behaviors" class? No? See my glowing endorsement of this class on my other blog - Kaizen - a principle incorporated into this class. When I finished this class the first time around, a bunch of us banded together and formed a yahoo group where we have work sessions and challenge ourselves to keep striving for improvment - KaizenWriters.

8. Circle Girl - My critique group - Online Romance Writers Circle. This is what we affectionately call each other. I would not be where I am today without my other Circle Girls and their input!

9. Avid Reader - Visit my page. While I have less than 10% of my library represented on my pages, there's enough there to keep you busy.

10. Dog lover - Leo, Lucy, Maggie, CJ, Ginger, Rebel, Layla - succession of dogs at our house. (I had cats before I married, mind you). Currently - Maggie, CJ, Ginger, Rebel, and Layla live with us - although - on a sad note, when Don gets home for Thanksgiving we will have to put Maggie to sleep. She is 11 and wearing her age badly - I just hope she makes it another week.

11. Chocoholic - In honor of Thursday Thirteen, 13 of my favorite kinds of chocolate: Chocolate chip cookies, chocolate milk, hot chocolate, chocolate cake with real whip cream, milky way, hershey's bars, snickers, hershey's with almonds, chocolate tootsie roll suckers, baby ruth, twix, chocolate cheese cake, and dutch chocolate ice cream.

12. Internet Junkie - just to prove this, I'm going to list ALL my email addresses without the extensions mind you - pattianncolt, pfred45, donandpatticolt, patticoltwebsite (bumps stuff off my website), pacolt, pattiann, pcmia45, echofallscommunity, miafranklin45, orwcirclemembership PLUS two myspace pages, facebook, shelfari, plus 35 yahoo groups - I could go on, but do I really need to????

13. Christian - Finally, the best thing my parents ever gave me was my believe in God and Jesus.


Anonymous said...

Nice Thursday post, hope you are having a nice day! I just posted my Thursday Thirteen with a few add-ons! Please stop by my blog if you can!

Kelly McCrady said...

I didn't know you had a yahoo group dedicated to Kaizen. Thanks for the trip down your memory lane-- the pictures of the Colonel as a young man are cute! Sorry about your doggie. Condolences on your comming loss.

Ann Aguirre said...

Interesting facts. And great pictures! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Tiffany Aller said...

I love that you used photos in some of your descriptions!

Carrie Lofty said...

Who would've thought that skinny little dude of yours would wind up a colonel? You probably did :)