Thursday Thirteen - #2

Thirteen Things about PATTI ANN COLT

This week my list if just some random 'thingies' that I'm grateful were invented.

1. WD-40
Hubbie got in my car the other day, then announced there was only one thing about my car that bugged him. My door squeeks. DUDE! There's this new invention. If ya don't like the dang squeek, spray it and make it go away! LOL!

2. Velcro
Grandson has these great rattles attached to wrist bands with velcro. What would we do without velcro? Ah, the things we can fasten together. Even his diapers have a form of velcro now.

3. Fabric coating - perma press
I remember as a teenager being tasked with standing at the ironing board and ironing the sheets, the pillow cases, etc. My mom didn't like wrinkles. Thank God we don't need to do that anymore. In fact, my iron only comes out when I forget to drop my clothes at the dry cleaners or I'm sewing!

4. Text Messaging
This is the primary way I communicate with my kids - this and myspace ;-) - My kids swear I should learn T9 - predictive text - yeah. No. I can type without having someone else think for me. This is one of my favorite things because it's a quick way to confirm activities, etc.

5. MP3 - IPOD
I'm a music fiend. Love it. All kinds. Being able to carry around hundreds of songs in one little device is sheer nirvana.

6. Fingerprinting Film
This stuff is the slickest thing. When my daughter went to the hospital to have the baby, they took her fingerprints and my grandson's footprints using a film that had the ink on only one side. Put film, ink side down, against the paper, press the hand or foot against it, and presto! Fingerprints with no mess and no fuss. Baby book came with some too!

7. Portable DVD
I love my portable DVD. Mostly, I use mine in bed, when I don't want to sit up and watch a movie. It doesn't wake up the hubbie like a TV does either!

8. Dishwasher
My dad called this the 5th cupboard. It certainly is at my house. In fact, if all the glasses are clean, they don't fit in the regular cupboard - so, they get left in the dishwasher. . . the fifth cupboard.

9. Alarm Clock on Cell Phone
I love this feature so much. I'm not a person that wakes up automatically in the morning, or wants to get out of bed at the first alarm. I love setting my alarm ten minutes apart and having it go off, knowing I won't oversleep. The person who invented this item gets a gold star and some stickers.

10. PAM
WD-40 for the kitchen! LOL! I was never so glad to lose the shortening/flour routine and clean up is so slick. Thank you to whoever came up with this!

11. Liquid Soap
As long as this was around commercially, I'm really surprised it took so long to get this released to the general public and to branch out to all the scents. I don't buy bar soap any more.

12. Wikipedia
Is there anything you can't find there?

13. Water/Ice Dispenser in Refrigerator Door
If you don't have one of these, I'm sorry. It's the greatest.


Carrie Lofty said...

I'd never heard of fingerprint film. Cool. Saves the mess. And if it can't be found on Wikipedia, it's probably on Allmusic or IMDB!

Ann Aguirre said...

I like Wikipedia. Pam scares me, though.

Kelly McCrady said...

Don'tcha love the complaints hubby will come up with when he switches vehicles with you for a day?

More uses for PAM--I use an oil spray on my daughter's hair before swimming class to help protect from chlorine.

I LOVE Wikipedia. They know all...because it's trivia contributed by everybody.

Deb Logan said...

OMG...the Internet! How would I live without it? *lol*

Tiffany Aller said...

Great topic - I enjoyed! I am grateful for swiffers and for the hair picker-upper thingie (do you ever use the one we gave ya'll?) that collects pet hair...both make our house clean way faster, for which I am extremely grateful!

Patti Ann Colt said...

Sure do! I have that thing up in my bedroom where all five dogs sleep - DUDE, I could have dog hair carpet - but if I use it every night I can keep it nicely cleaned up.