Normalcy and Big Deals

I've had grandbaby in the house now for a week and we're (his Mom and I) are just now starting to get back to a routine. It's amazing what a few nights of not sleeping will do for brain functioning. I find I'm remembering everything I knew about handling babies without much trying. It's just there - like it was never forgotten. Saline for the nose, humidifier, tricks for keeping them asleep at night, formula manipulation - just all of it. And I can sit for hours and stare at his face, his expressions, his sounds. There really is nothing like a baby and it's a shame there are those in the world that are not wanted and not well cared for because they are truly a miracle!
The other baby - my first release, THE DADDY SPELL, with Wild Rose Press -- is under edit construction. Amidst hours in the rocking chair and wierd sleeping schedules, I'm quickly editing per my editor's request so that I can meet the deadline for a Thanksgiving release of my book. I used to do this once upon a time - work and have a baby in the house. How did I ever manage?

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