Fridays and Games

Boy, when I'm having trouble even coming up with a title for the new post, then I know I'm in deep trouble. As a writer, one would think just coming up with a few words for this would be no problem, but obviously that's not the case. My intention of blogging every day as yet is unrealized. But, as I always say, it's ain't cancer and it ain't death. So what's the problem again? LOL!

Today's subject - Facebook. This is not just another myspace clone. It started out just for students, but has now opened for anyone. Might I now say that while myspace lets your change your background, add pictures, and videos and lets one be over-the-top creative, this site is just plain, dang whimsical fun.

Case in point, Super Poke. This application on facebook lets you harass all your friends - take a moment and shoot off a kiss, a jab, a high five, a drink, or use the force on them. Then sit back and wait for them to retaliate and plan your revenge. There is nothing more entertaining than getting on and finding I've been attacked en masse with hugs and chickens.

Then, there is No Mercy. This application lets you compare your friends. Not for the faint of heart or easily offended, it asks questions like "Who lies the most?" Then gives you two friends from your list to compare. It keeps track of your answers and then notifies your friends.

Also, I routinely enjoy the pirates vs. ninjas application and the Sith vs. Jedi applications that I'm playing with my son and his fiance.

And, of course, you can do the usual communication thing by posting messages on each other's wall.

Finally, we have a great family competition going with the Never Ending Movie Trivia Game. Ten points for each right answer, and it keeps track of your rank in the millions world-wide that are playing. I'd be happy just to beat my son, let alone be number one in the world!

Weekend is here. Gotta go add some more points and retaliate.


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