Four Way Stops

Anyone who is acquainted with me knows I'm a very mellow driver. When I get behind the wheel, I get my favorite music tuned in and I just go with the flow. Very rarely do I swear or give the finger to anyone - in contrast to a few family members! However, the one irritant that can set me off is four way stops.

What is so hard about four way stops, people?

We have one a block from our house that puts you onto a state highway that is quite congested. I can guarantee you on a daily basis when driving that direction I meet someone who:

a. doesn't know when to take their turn and messes up the confidence of everyone else
b. who doesn't stop but blows right through the stop sign
c. who stops but isn't paying attention to the order and damn near hits a car in the intersection

Every single day!

I feel like getting out of my car and directing traffic, for crying out loud!

Do you need to learn to drive again?
Do you need to cover the correct procedure for a four way stop again?
Do you need to grow a brain?

God save me, my pregnant daughter, and unborn grandson from these lunatics!

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