The contract for my sale arrived this morning by email. Thirteen pages of instructions and requests for information, six pages of which were the actual contract. The contract portion has been read thoroughly, printed, signed, and sits on my desk ready for the post office in the morning. The rest I'm sorting through and hoping to email back by Friday.

Part of the paperwork is a request for author information. I was totally stumped by the need to write a two paragraph biography of myself. I took my son's fiancee to lunch at the restaurant where my daughter works and was whining about being stumped on what to write. My daughter says: "You can use your imagination and write 60,000 words, but you can't come up with two paragraphs about yourself???? Come on, Mom." Can I not get any respect around here? LOL!

The next stumper came when they asked me to supply the excerpt. Now, it's not that I don't know my story. It's just I haven't read the thing in three months. When I finished the edits, I put it away. Even now, I wonder how I'm going to proofread the final copy when they send it to me because I skim over stuff.

The next overwhelming thought came when I joined the two Wild Rose Press author site and realized how much promotion information they had. After reading more than 18 pages of stuff, I felt like my head was going to explode -- much like when I was developing my website. To much information was cramming itself into my brain and the processing shut down. :-) Thanks for that, BTW - Carrie. If I hadn't already got my website up and running at your urging, I'd be ready to scream!

As it was, I felt pretty prepared for the rest of what they asked me for - back cover blurb, description of hero and heroine, cover suggestions, promotion ideas, etc.

My final overwhelming thought: Can I do this again? I know the words are in there, but they've been trapped for the summer. Hopefully now there will be positive creative energy just flowing out of my fingertips like a light saber. I can only hope!

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