Computer Problems, Passwords, and Support Networks

I love my laptop. I really do. I love having internet connection at my fingertips, propped up in bed, in front of the tv, at the kitchen island while I'm cooking - you get the picture. I wouldn't trade it for any other item - except maybe my cell phone.

However . . . you knew that was coming didn't you!

Problem One: Joining multiple sites over the weekend, and not having my password book besides me, thinking 'ah heck, I'll remember.' Right. I have had to ask for more password hints today than ever before. That'll teach me to rely on my memory.

Problem Two: New techno-baubles. Son got a new Zune. However, it doesn't interface with the sound card on his laptop. "Mom!" Like I'm some kind of guru or something. I've read all the techno-support from Zune and Microsoft until my eyes are blurry. No resolution. I think it's time for him to talk to somebody who actually understands this stuff.

Problem Three: Who's bright idea was it to actually put a LAN button on laptops that require them to be turned on to get wireless connection and WHO in the world put these buttons on my kids' laptops (and not mine!) so that they call me and say: "Mom! My wireless isn't working!" ???? Huh, huh, huh?? Cruising many support centers before I figured that one out! Geez!

On an upnote, I just discovered My thanks to Catherine Mann for the link. Anyone who knows me knows I'm a mega romance reader. I used to read dozens a month until I started writing and this site lets you pick your favorites, rank them, review them, talk about them, talk to other people about them, ask friends to join. It is the ultimate.

To top it off, I had a CHAT this afternoon with my online critique group - thanks to my laptop. We've all had a lazy summer and are just starting to get back to work. Thanks to Carrie and Kelly for taking time out to talk.

What I'm doing now: Watching Army Wives on Lifetime

Song for the Day: Jose Feliciano: Light My Fire

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Dschauffer said...

I just stumbled upon our blog. I really like it. I see that you just joined Shelfari! I have been there for a couple months and completely obsessed :) Add me as a friend. My username is schaufferwaffer